We have a complete set of services

Organizational Planning, Design and Development
Starting with your mission and key strategic goals, our team can lead you through a process of identifying organizational structures and designs to optimally support achievement of your business objectives.

Recruiting Strategy and Talent Acquisition
We will work with you to develop a hiring plan and help identify and attract the right talent to your Company.

Compensation and Reward Systems
Using market-based surveys and analysis, we can help you develop a compensation strategy and system.  Setting clear goals and objectives for all employees, measuring performance, and providing appropriate and meaningful rewards will enable you to retain your employees and support your success.

Benefit Plan Selection, Review, Analysis, Administration
Our team can help you with choosing and maintaining an attractive array of employee benefits while carefully managing costs.  Our services range from high-level consultation and oversight to full-service administration.

Employee Development, Coaching and Performance Management
We can help you coach and develop your talent in a way which supports your corporate goals and objectives to include effective performance management, recognizing positive results and key contributors, and full-cycle talent review and development.

Compliance Evaluation and Recommendations
We have the experience to do a comprehensive audit to ensure you are in compliance with Human Resources-related laws and regulations, which change as your company grows.  We can also establish your compliance systems and initiatives.

Employee Training and Education
We can provide a wide array of management development education and training programs.

Our team can help you implement a new payroll system or process 401(k) contributions each pay period.  Our services range from project-based consultation and oversight to full-service payroll administration.

The Predictive Index Certified Partner
We are an authorized distributor of the Predictive Index suite of solutions. We would love the opportunity to discuss your people challenges and how the PI suite can help your team thrive through their online platform, workshops and consulting sessions. To learn more about the Predictive Index, visit: https://www.predictiveindex.com/what-we-do.